Vortechs Automation began installing building automation systems starting in 1990. Back then, the systems were complicated, expensive and much smaller than they are now. A typical system may have had a meager 32 analog inputs and a total points count of under 100. Outfitting a large facility often involved installing many individual systems. Sometimes they would be linked to one another but not always. Even when they were linked, communications could be extremely slow.

This inspired Walter Horrigan, co-founder of Vortechs Automation, to invent the Maestro System for integrating 100-point systems. When paired with an off-the-shelf PC running Iconics Genesis RTS virtual PLC software, it became a powerful control system capable of supporting up to 256 analog inputs.

Building Automation Systems
Building Automation Systems

It could support 4 input or output cards, in any combination (64 AINs/48 DOUTs ). What’s more, multiple Maestro Systems could talk to each other over Ethernet, allowing points to update between controllers or to the HMI at thousands of points per second. The price for this robust system was under $10,000, including the PC. Thirty years later, several Maestro Systems are still automating buildings in the Philadelphia area.

Vortechs takes an innovative approach as building automation system automators. We‘re always looking for the best ways to meet our customers’ needs even if it means creating a new product to do it. Building automation has come a long way since 1990 and so has Vortechs. We’d love to help you make your next building automation project as efficient and successful as possible.

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