Every facility manager knows the advantages of having a full SCADA system at their company facility which can control all of their equipment. But to keep an eye on the SCADA system and avoid downtime, Vortechs installs environmental monitoring systems that operate proactively and can prevent problems BEFORE they happen.

The systems that Vortechs supplies will send out notifications and alarms as soon as your equipment starts to have problems. By leveraging multiple sensor technologies, equipment can be fully instrumented and all of the data that you require can be collected and delivered to you in real time. This can be on a computer monitor or your smart phone, by text message or email. Custom reports with historical data can be generated on demand as well.

Environmental Equipment Monitoring
Environmental Equipment Monitoring

Pharmaceutical and some production facilities often require tight control of the temperature, humidity, pressure, and airflow in different rooms. Highly accurate sensors with traceable calibrations are required for these types of environments. Product storage temperatures are also closely monitored when FDA certification/validation is part of your process. Being able to produce accurate historical data for batch reports is simple when you have a system designed and installed by Vortechs Automation. Calibrated, traceable sensors and SQL data logging are all standard practice.

Environmental and Equipment Monitoring Effluent Monitoring
Environmental and Equipment Monitoring Temp & RH Transmitter
Environmental and Equipment Monitoring Remote Monitoring Station