Industrial Automation
Advance Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with Powerful HMI Software

Industrial Automation is the use of computers, control systems, sensors, actuators, and IT systems for controlling machines and processes in an industrial environment. And Systems Integrators put all these types of equipment together so they act as one, unified system. Automation Systems are often used to take the place of human beings. Advantages to automating these industrial processes and machines include increased throughput, higher quality products, production flexibility, lower operating cost, and of course increased operator safety. When the operator is removed from the machine itself and can operator it from a separate room, the likelihood of them being injured on the job is greatly reduced.

Vortechs Automation has been helping companies with their industrial system integration automation needs for over 20 years, so we provide both automation and integration services to the industry. We like to help our clients from the start of the design process to make sure the final product is exactly what they want and performs the task exactly as their process requires.

Industrial Automation

Our team of automation specialists can do everything from designing and building the control enclosure, specify and install sensors and end of line devices, program the PLC and automation controllers, design and implement the operator interface or HMI, all the way to testing and commissioning of the final system.

Our experience in industrial automation over the years has helped us become experts in such things as…

  • PLC and PAC Hardware
    • Automation Direct | Allen Bradley | Siemens
  • PLC / PAC Programming
  • HMI and SCADA Programming
    • Iconics Genesis | Indusoft Web Studio | C-more HMI
  • Hazardous Location Instrumentation and Control
  • Variable Frequency Drives
    • DURApulse | GE | Yaskawa |
  • DC Drive Systems
  • Remote I/O
    • Moxa | Terminator
  • Industrial Protocols
    • Modbus | Ethernet/IP | BACnet
  • Instrumentation Specification & Installation
    • Level | Pressure | Temperature | Flow
  • System Architecture Design and Implementation
  • Safety Applications

Emergency Generators
Emergency Generators

Screen I/O Tests
Screen I/O Tests

Air Solenoids
Air Solenoids