“All good things must come to an end”. Have you ever heard that phrase? The same is true in the automation world. Sensors, actuators, wires, tubing, and motors will all break eventually. Repairs will have to be made. You deserve to have peace of mind when problems arise and that’s where Vortechs comes in to provide the support needed. With decades of combined troubleshooting experience and a true passion to make things right, the team at Vortechs Automation is here for you. There’s a reason our long-standing customers stick with us. Whether it’s a system that we installed or one installed by another company, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep your equipment performing at peak efficiency. We have experience working with many different manufacturers of PLCs, sensors, and HMIs. With a vast network of vendors and suppliers, we‘ll provide the right parts to keep your facility running smoothly.

Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance and Repair

We’re skilled at locating and resolving all types of problems from programmatic, to mechanical, to electrical, and everything in between. We’ll even visit you at your facility to get hands on with maintenance or repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Surprise failures of equipment on your shop floor or in your production line can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. The best way to stay on top of potential issues is to be proactive. Having a preventative maintenance program in place will allow you to catch problems before they happen. Vortechs helps its clients develop and implement such plans. The experience we have in the automation field helps us understand the problems that facility managers and maintenance teams face. Because we provide PLC service and deal with automation and mechanical systems on a regular basis, we know what to look out for.

While some facilities can do preventative maintenance themselves, others cannot and this is where Vortechs comes in. Our experienced technicians can not only perform preventative maintenance tasks for you, we’ll also work with your maintenance staff so that regular repairs can be handled in-house as much as possible. Of course, if you do need help, we’ll always be available.

We pride ourselves on our skills in maintaining automation systems and our customers count on us for it. Contact us today and let Vortechs Automation be YOUR maintenance partner!

Maintenance and Repair Circuit Troubleshooting
Maintenance and Repair Damaged RTD
Maintenance and Repair Corroded Analytical Sensors