Vortechs Automation has experience in building automation systems, like the large facility HVAC systems found in Schools and Colleges. Maintaining a comfortable environment for students, teachers and staff is important when trying to achieve learning goals. Vortechs Automation aims to give maintenance staff the tools to provide that environment for their students and faculty. By utilizing a centralized control system, comfort can be maintained while keeping HVAC energy use to a minimum. By scheduling when to turn systems on and off, you can ensure that heating and cooling resources are utilized only when needed.

Schools and Education
Schools and Education

Vortechs has extensive experience with large campuses comprised of many separate buildings. Often, those campuses make use of legacy equipment which can be difficult to control and integrate.

Vortechs, however, is prepared to solve the difficult challenges posed by such equipment. Vortechs Automation can integrate boiler and chiller plants, air-handling units, unitary controllers and lighting into one unified system that can be accessed on a school’s existing computer network.

The maintenance staff at office buildings and schools are often kept very busy. Having a building automation system that keeps tabs on how equipment is working and notifies the staff of problems before it is too late makes everyone’s life easier.

Vortechs Automation's experience in this market includes the design and installation of the building automation system for the first LEED Platinum natatorium in the nation, located in the Kappen Aquatic Center at the Overbrook School for the Blind.


We have also integrated photovoltaics systems (PV or solar) to maintain sustainable and eco-friendly facilities. We look forward to helping new customers, who are looking for a building automation system company, achieve sustainability.

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Schools and Education Multi-zone Air Handler