Most groundwater & wastewater treatment facilities have some sort of control system that keeps them running. Often times, this control system slowly gets forgotten or overridden as the years go by and other equipment in the plant gets replaced. The problem with this approach is when something breaks or stops working and no one knows why. The automation system is supposed to alert the operator but since it has not been maintained properly, it is of little use. We have seen this happen too many times. All automation systems need to be maintained and serviced, just like everything else in the facility they control.

Vortechs Automation has serviced, upgraded and retrofitted groundwater & wastewater treatment systems with modern SCADA and other PLC based control systems for several customers.

Water and Waste Treatment
Water and Waste Treatment

Vortechs has experiencing reverse engineering older systems when site documentation is lacking. This allows us to design a new control system that will integrate seamlessly with your existing plant equipment. The benefits of a modern system include increased throughput of the plant, real time alarming of problems, historical data logging of key plant information, and of course less down time.

A properly designed and fully operational automation system can actually decrease a plants operating cost. Making sure pumps run only when needed and don’t cycle too often help them last longer. Even and consistent chemical and reagent injection make sure you are not over dosing and wasting product. Maintaining proper discharge pressure and flow saves on electrical consumption.

Vortechs provides SCADA services and other controls using:

  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Extraction and Recharge Well Controls
  • Remote Pump Stations and Wireless Control
  • pH Neutralization
  • Air Stripping Systems
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Transfer Tank Level Controls
  • Real-Time Flow Monitoring and Control
Water and Waste Treatment Air Stripper
New Valve Control Valve and Sensor