Walter L. Horigan
Co-Founder, Consultant

I started Vortechs Automation, Inc. in 1990 with my business partner and lifelong friend Hans Schoenberger. The vision of Vortechs was to be a provider of custom automated integration, taking advantage of the rapidly evolving and increasing capabilities of personal computers and microprocessor-based control systems.

Prior to forming Vortechs, I worked with Hans in our mutually owned electrical contracting firm, H&S Electric, which we formed in 1976 and operated together.

In 1983, I left the electrical business in Hans’s capable hands and began a seven-year stint as an executive with a Philadelphia-based real estate development and management company.

As President of Wolf Technologies Corporation, division of The Wolf Organization, I was responsible for the engineering, development, marketing and implementation of electronic building systems, including energy management systems, security, building monitoring and control systems, and advanced audio-visual and telecommunications systems. I also oversaw the firm's consulting and construction activities.

Having been a customer of automation companies for many years, I proposed to Hans that we start an automation company that would focus on custom systems that were tailored specifically to the needs of clients rather than the more common “canned” systems that forced clients to adhere to the inherent capabilities of the mass market. The design of these systems is driven by the needs of the client rather than the capabilities of the parts in inventory.

Thirty years later, Vortechs Automation remains true to that original vision – providing and maintaining custom-integrated systems for new clients, as well as those who have been supported for decades through the rapidly evolving landscape of computerized controls and automation.